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Legal translation

Legal translation presents a lot of challenges, so it's important that only specialised legal translators do them. Mistranslated contracts or other legal documents can lead to lawsuits, loss of reputation and money. We often use translators with independent legal experience, such as law students or JDs (Juridicum exam graduates).

Some types of legal translation we offer: Certificates of accuracy, witness statements, real estate, court transcripts, legal disclaimers, patents, expert legal opinions, depositions, trusts, wills, articles of incorporation and litigation documents.

Please contact us for legal translations in the following combinations:

English to Norwegian

Norwegian to English

Norwegian to German

German to Norwegian

All Nordic languages

All language combinations

Some legal translations may require notarization by a sworn translator,or you may want it for quality purposes. Your needs are met by our flexible team, who can offer specialised legal translators and law practitioners to suit your requirements.

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