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Quality control manager

My name is Halvor, I'm in charge of quality control, and I also work as a translator, reviewer and project manager here. I was recruited to join Google first as a reviewer in 2009, and then as Lead Linguist for Norway in 2010. In 2012 I became a sworn translator.

Why should you select us for your work?

The Translatorium has basic advantages compared to other translation agencies. Unlike most other agencies, we're not assignment brokers, or a corporate agency where employees don't have linguistic backgrounds. Our small, effective organisation of language experts help us to keep a clear overview of all our clients with a personal touch, and our low overheads keep prices very competitive. Unlike larger agencies who make websites claiming they're specialists in all language combinations, we are a specialist in Norwegianand Nordic language combinations,where you can expect superior value.

We offer knowlegable translators in different timezones and fast response times to our customers for premium quality customer service. We work hard to assist all customers in good standing whenever they need our help.



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